Great Assurance Program Overview

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It is highly imperative for Great Dwellings to not only provide exceptional guest experiences, but to take a more proactive approach in managing your home by instituting a preventative maintenance program. Our new program, deemed the Great Assurance Program, will focus on HVAC inspections, deep cleanings, site inspections, and a la carte services. 

Our plan is to prepare your home for the winter and summer months, thus we require one deep clean, one HVAC inspection performed in the fall, along with a second deep clean and HVAC inspection in the spring. We want to get ahead of any issues that may arise before they turn into costly emergencies and vacancies, therefore we will launch the first phase of our Great Assurance Program this fall between reservations.   




HVAC Inspections (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

HVAC inspections have significant have significant economic benefits, including lower utility bills, avoidance of costly emergency repairs, and extending the life of the unit. Unlike other appliances, heating and cooling systems require attention very often, especially since we host short-term stays. We’re looking to keep your systems at peak performance, save energy, and catch minor problems before they become costly emergencies. We are mandating inspections to ensure that your HVAC units continue to run all year long at the highest efficiency and that your properties are thoroughly cleaned to enhance guest experiences. 


HVAC Work to be Performed:

  • Check condenser fan motor
  • Check blower fan motor
  • Check outside compressor
  • Check lubricant on all moving parts
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check all external and internal wires
  • Inspect the condensate drain
  • Check central air conditioner’s refrigerant (Cooling Gas) level.
  • Filter installation (host must provide filters to be installed)
  • Inspection Report


In the event that your HVAC unit requires repair of any kind or replacement, you will receive a 25% discount on labor cost, 15% discount on parts, and a 10% discount on new unit replacement from our service provider. Should you complete an independent HVAC inspection with your own vendor, you MUST submit 2 completed reports per year to


$279 annually


Deep Cleanings

A deep cleaning targets all areas and items that are not covered during a traditional turnover cleaning. The visible benefit is a much cleaner, brighter home. The health benefits include eliminating contaminants like dust, pet dander, and bacteria. Deep cleanings also assist with weather and seasonal preparation. Our goal is to keep your home in the best condition possible to provide both exceptional and memorable guest experiences.

Deep Cleaning Tasks to be Performed:

  • Clean windows, sills, and glass doors
  • Clean all air and heating vents
  • Dust all baseboards, ceiling fans, and surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean all floors
  • Spot clean walls as necessary
  • Clean and disinfect all indoor waste containers
  • Clean beneath area rugs and furniture
  • Condition leather and wood (where applicable)
  • Thoroughly clean all appliances
  • Clean all fixtures
  • Replace shower curtains
  • Remove all cobwebs from all corners and living spaces



$89 + regular cleaning fee, each
(Please note that deep cleanings will be performed during turnover cleaning, so the regular cleaning fee is typically covered by guests)


All Great Assurance Program payments will be deducted from earnings and reflected on invoices. All reports will be sent following service completion. 


For all questions regarding our Great Assurance Program, please contact
Najla Williams  |
Sharon Harmon  |


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